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Do you want to improve results using unorthodox tactics and strategies? Are you interested in book recommendations and learnings, changing habits, learning to code, getting into tech, starting a business? You will get info on this, and more: habits, self-improvement, curiosities and other cool stuff!

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Discomfort Academy has a public Telegram channel. The content there is a little different than in the newsletter: faster to consume, a bit more random ― basically anything weird or interesting that catches my eye: articles, tweets, videos, images, etc. Hope to see you there as well! :)

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I’m building an app called ZERNO to help you build & stick to habits ― if you join the waitlist, you’ll be in the limited few to get early access to the app!

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Check out the DA YouTube channel with videos on topics similar to the ones covered in this newsletter. Take a look at the channel here and let the ideas influence you into an improved and happier life!

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All change comes through discomfort. Learn how to embrace it in your life to succeed.


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